Who am I? LESYKA!


Hello, let me introduce myself, Geneviève Duthé, founder of Lesyka!

LESYKA is a beautiful mix of the first names of Leslie and Maïka, my two daughters, and Loïk and Charly, my godchildren. It was these magnificent children who gave birth to a somewhat crazy idea in my mother's heart.

I wanted to invent products that meet the needs of toddlers and simplify the lives of their families. So I came up with the idea of ​​the Minizzz, a transitional plush toy between parent and child. "Mini" to represent our cocos and "zzz" to refer to the dodo. An evolutionary plush that accompanies the development stages of our mini.

Lesyka aims to simplify the daily lives of families. First of all by improving the quality of precious sleep, but the basis is that behind every problem there are solutions, that's why I like to invent new products.

I love inspiring stories of people who dare to bring their dreams to life. It is this hope that I want to instill in my daughters. They participate in each step of the project, which also comes with challenges. It is by advancing step by step on this course that we can write beautiful stories.

Minizzz is Lesyka's first product, but don't worry, my head is constantly spinning and this is only the beginning... If I can give a boost to those who share the same aspirations, it will be for me, Mission accomplished!