How to Develop a Child-Adapted Product: Essential steps


The development of a children's product is a stimulating and enhancing process. Whether it's toys, clothing, books or other items, understanding the key stages of development is essential to create a product tailored to children that meets their needs while capturing the attention of parents. In this article, we will explore these steps while emphasizing the importance of product safety, innovation of the field and interaction with young audiences, based On my experience during the development of the Minizzz.

Step 1: Market Research and Analysis

Before you start developing a product, do an in-depth search for the market. Identification of current trends in children's products, the needs, problems and desires of toddlers as well as the expectations of parents. In my case, I definitely wanted to fix a recurring problem in my family, which is the fact that I was always looking for the laces at night. Even with the fluorescent lollipops, Maïka moved so much that they ended up under the basin. The more you search, the more baby wakes up and harder to put her back to sleep! This research will help you to target your product according to the appropriate age of young people and to stand out in a competitive market. I also personally did business with a lawyer firm to make sure that the product I had just invented did not actually exist on the market. Once confirmed, I started!

Step 2: Conceptualization and Prototyping

Once you have a clear vision of your Product , Proceed to the phase of Conceptualization . This may change its appearance more than once. I don't know how to draw, but I know very well what I have in mind. First, to prove that the Minizzz Was going to work with my daughter, I made a homemade sample. A hand-sewn fabric with ends of velcros that was surrounded by fluorescent marker (to find the 'velcro' in the dark). My daughter's lice had the 'velours' side to make it soft and the cushion the 'crochet' side.

premier coussin minizzz

Forget the aesthetic side!!! I created the whole thing with my daughters "dad on the corner of a table the next day that I had the idea (because yes, I want to try everything quickly). After 3 nights, Maïka understood that the cushion held these lollipops in place and they managed to take them on her own! Halleluah!

. Create Sketchings of your ideas , Model or Prototypes For Visualize your idea . This step is crucial for Validate your concept With Colleagues , Of Children's product development experts And possibly of Children themselves .

Step 3 : Test and Validation

Once you have a Prototype Functional, perform Tests with your target audience , Let it be Children , Of Parents Or Childhood professionals . The best test was definitely with my own daughter, at this point I did not think I would market it but only save myself a few hours of sleep. The Feedback from children and parents Are essential for Refine and improve your product . Be sure to Consider comments And of Make the necessary adjustments.

Another the test period ended, adjust the drawings to perfect them that it is marketable and attractive.

Step 4: Security and Regulation

The Safety for children's products Is paramount when it comes to Products for children . Make sure your Children's product Respects all Safety standards s And Regulation In force in the country where it will be marketed. Find out about the Specific guidelines for your product , Let it be the Toys , The Clothes Or any other item intended for Children . Minizzzes have all been tested by independent labs for consumer safety certificate ASTM F963 As much Canadian as American.

Step 5: Manufacturing and Marketing

Once your Children's product Spent all the Stages of development And Validation , Go to the Large-scale manufacturing . Choose from Reliable manufacturing partners Who can produce your Product In accordance with your Specifications . Then prepare a Marketing strategy Solid for Promote your product With the Target audience .

Conclusion :

The Development of a children's product Is an exciting journey that requires a Careful planning And a In-depth knowledge of children's products market .

Be Innovative , Attentive to the Safety for children's products And to the Listening to the target audience To ensure the Success of your product. If you have an invention in your hands, like mine, protect yourself if you wish because unfortunately many like to appropriate the innovations of others.