The Minizzz


The little story

The magic happens when the sun goes to sleep and the moon shines, this is the moment when a Minizzz hops from one cloud to another, to start gathering twinkling stars. Once Minizzz has collected his 3 stars, he gives a big hug to the cloud and starts his descent from the sky to gently land in a child’s bed.



The Minizzz is a transitional plush between parent and child. The Minizzz accompanies every step of the development of our little treasures.
3 pouches for pacifiers, Only 1 place to find the pacifiers
Baby learns to find the pacifier by himself/herself 
3 shiny stars that become small night lights to the sound of a lullaby

3 pouches to hold the fallen baby tooth and the little surprise for the next morning

1 pouch on the tummy to hold wishes and secrets
Can be used as a pillow at nap time or great for cuddling and hugging